Aditya Birla Health Insurance : Digital Office

Designing a product for the on ground Insurance sales agent.

Canvs was tasked with the challenge of enabling Sales Agents in performing their tasks – from Lead Management to Scheduling, User Management & Policy Disbursals – all within a responsive web environment.

“If not done right, technology can be an impediment.”

Setting the context.

For any large organization, sales teams often comprise of multiple parties working on ground talking to potential customers directly. These teams can be internal or external and have a management funnel. Such teams function in hundreds of tier 1,2,3 cities of India. These cities have varying levels of internet percolation and hence technological disappointments. Further most sales people don’t carry the most top end devices with them. Sales teams naturally complained of many digital dependencies of their job, like spending hours transferring data they collect on the field to their office systems. In addition to this staying abreast with official notices, updating schedules, managing leads became a nightmare for them and essentially led to massive sales funnel inefficiencies.

Canvs worked with the Sales Management team at ABHI to set up a fully functional digital office that ran flawlessly on low end android phones and tablet.

“Let the guy do his job.”

Understanding the problem at hand via user and stakeholder interviews.

Sales staff issues log

Canvs’ internal teammates and the lead designer of the team tasked with this project set out to speak with individual Sales people working with ABHI’s internal channels, TPAs, BANCA channels etc and understood the major problems they faced in the existing version of the product they carried around.

Business Value

Concurrent conversations were held with ABHI’s internal Sales Management teams to understand exactly what they wanted out of the exercise from the company’s vantage point. ABHI wanted to digitally supercharge the Sales ecosystem, understand sales performance at any level of occupation, communicate seamlessly with it’s sales teams and allow teams to manage and monitor themselves exceptionally well. ABHI wanted it’s salesfolks to amplify their everyday performance on the road by making sure all the other aspects of their job, like filing paperwork, handling schedules, file management, attendances, policy generation, claim handling and more could be just handled remotely from their devices while they travel around, just as it should be.

A custom setup for a special problem

Canvs Club team dynamics.

Discussing a few solutions

“How do I monitor the performance of agents under me?”

Multi Level User Management

The need for a multi level hierarchical system was to facilitate user management by Sales mangers and keep an eye on daily performances of his Sales force.

This involved designing a system that allows multiple hierarchies to exist across various channels like BANCA, TPAs etc.

Naturally this also meant facilitating managers to manage the various roles a sales man can don and designate application features to them.

“Paperwork has become a chore. It is not helping anyone..”

Generating Policies Remotely

Canvs processed all Insurance products that ABHI offered, compiled the offline paper forms that sales teams used and built a robust general application form that was mobile friendly, easy to use, logical and most importantly humane.

Canvs employed the Hub and Spoke model to simplify the form filling experience for the everyday salesman. Canvs broke down the entire form into a multi step process and built a hub around them.

Users could access any of the filling steps asynchronously at any point of time jumping between them as and when their personal pitches yield customer information.

“Insurance forms are long and cumbersome. On a small device, how do keep track of 200 fields?”

Progressive Disclosure of a Multi-step Process

Each step of the multi part form often had subsets involved. That much information held within the area of a low end android phone meant we needed to show information to a user as and when he needed it, and abstract information he did not.

“If it can handle my paperwork, it should be able to handle my leads as well”

An intelligent Lead Management System within progress tracking

A critical part of the everyday processes of a salesman was to profile his leads and manage them according to priorities. This meant they need a system in place that allowed them to track the progress on leading on each of their leads.

We built a lead management module with built in templated snippets that added information to a Lead’s profile and created a timeline of progress against a user’s lead.

Hear from the product owner

Reshma Bhombal

Head- Business Solution Group | Aditya Birla Health insurance

“While the concept of a Digital Office was the brainchild of my team at Aditya Birla Health Insurance, Canvs, as our Design partner, truly brought the vision to life through their undisputed expertise in design. Aside of the swiftness in processes that Canvs brought with its scalable teams, what really worked for us was Canvs’ willingness to comprehensively understand the Insurance use case. It was imperative for any designer to understand in depth how a salesperson goes about their day and what challenges they face most often with respect to usability, work processes, devices or even network. Digital Office has been a major success for ABHI’s sales force and Canvs has been a critical partner towards achieving that vision.”