Financial Express | Guest Article
Due to sudden shift in working methods to remote working, there is a growing concern amongst employers on productivity and efficiency of its employees. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs, shares his insights and some quick hacks on Remote Working.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 19th, 2020
Deccan Chronicle | Guest Article
Productive remote work is heavily dependent on the willingness to work, ability to manage tasks virtually, organizational skills, proactive communication chops, interpersonal skills, among a few other factors. In this article, Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs share some vital learnings to go about.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 19th, 2020
Asian Age | Guest Article
During these times on COVID- 19, not having to be physically present at office or use means of mass transportation has made Remote working popular. But how can we make the Remote working experience effective and productive. Debprotim Roy, CEO Canvs, shares his experience and learnings.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 19th, 2020
Yahoo News| Guest Article
Remote work allows you to work from anywhere which is a great middle ground but since the entire world was pushed into Remote work almost inadvertently, there are certain nuances and tricks to know of Remote Working. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs shares his insights.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 23rd, 2020
Kyoorius Design Yatra | Opinion Piece
Working from home or Remote work was a luxury that only a select few enjoyed but enter May 2020 and Remote work is the new normal. Our CEO shares insights and learnings into Remote working and the way forward in an Opinion Piece for Design Yatra.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 19th, 2020 | Guest Article
The outbreak of novel corona virus clubbed with the economic slowdown has inflicted a radical hit on the Real Estate industry. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs explores means like 3D presentations, usage of VR and new communication protocols to be set in place to survive this pandemic for the Real Estate business.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 27th, 2020
INC 42 | Opinion Piece
Healthcare is an industry that gives designers immense power to help millions of people. Premankan Seal, CDO-Canvs, explains what it is like to operate in the heavily regulated healthcare industry while still delivering on intuitive, simple and reassuring products for the user.
PREMANKAN SEAL | March 21st, 2020
Inventiva | Opinion Piece
Today most individuals are being forced to work remotely from home and are facing challenges that crop up due to a lack of a super formal construct around work. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs discusses on the ways and means to glide through these tough times with his experience in Remote Working.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 26th, 2020
Daily Focus News | Guest Article
Remote work has certainly novelties that seem pleasant when you get started but the challenges become more obvious when you have to do that sustainably. Debprotim Roy, CEO Canvs takes an extensive look at Remote working culture and share his insights and experience.
DEBPROTIM ROY | March 20th, 2020
The Prevalent India | Opinion Piece
Remote working has worked impeccably for a large number of organizations but on the other hand, there are still some firms that are struggling to avail its benefits. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs discusses on the ways and means to survive these tough times while also sharing some insights on Remote Working.
DEBPROTIM ROY | April 8th, 2020
Inventiva | Opinion Piece
India is at the cusp of becoming an emerging research and development hub for prominent healthcare and life sciences majors across the world while also being one of the fastest growing and largest markets in Asia. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs takes an extensive break down of the present and future prospects in healthcare with special focus on Human Centered Design
DEBPROTIM ROY | April 17th, 2020
India Today | Opinion Piece
While the Internet has revolutionized the online presence for the masses, its conveniences and advantages come at the price of new perils in the form of fraud, theft or data breach. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs explains how you can bolster you Internet Security and vigilance online.
ROVIN CUTINHO | April 25th, 2020
Business World | Guest Article
These days we do everything online. Our computers, laptops and smartphones have become an extension of ourselves and hence, ensuring we adopt the best methods to protect our identities and data online is of utmost importance. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs shares some simple yet powerful methods to ensure our Internet Security online.
ROVIN CUTINHO | May 2nd, 2020
CXO Outlook | Guest Article
All industries, whether big or small, were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposition to varying extents depending on their level of preparedness. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs pens down an article elaborating the digital transformation underwent during the first half of 2020 by the highest revenue generating sectors in India
DEBPROTIM ROY | May 7th, 2020
Firstpost | Opinion Piece
Digital transformation and a shifting focus towards regionalisation are some factors that have gained traction during these lockdown uncertainty. How these factors will pan out in the post Corona world is discussed by our CEO – Debprotim Roy in his opinion piece for Firstpost.
DEBPROTIM ROY | May 8th, 2020
Rediff | Guest Article
While we are spending more and more time online, it’s also necessary to safeguard our data and privacy online. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs with his expertise in Digital domain discusses means and methods to safeguard data and identity online.
ROVIN CUTINHO | May 8th, 2020
CXO Outlook | Guest Article
Businesses can incur huge fines for failing to protect and handle data effectively. The same applies for Personal and Private data. With increased online activity, thanks to Lockdown measures imposed, Online Security is absolutely vital. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs enlists some useful pointers on how to be protect your data online.
ROVIN CUTINHO | May 8th, 2020
CXO Outlook | Guest Article
The current challenges organisations are facing on account of COVID-19 has forced most people to move to a new mode of operation: Remote working. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs shares his insights on handling a remote first design team and the means to increase efficiency while working remotely.
DEBPROTIM ROY | May 15th, 2020
Media Catalyst | Opinion Piece
When you think of Remote Working, first thing that comes to mind is Internet and second thing should definitely be Security. Protection of data, both private and official, is of atmost importance while operating online. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs lays out some vital pointers on how to remain protected and safe online.
ROVIN CUTINHO | May 21st, 2020
Media Catalyst | Opinion Piece
Social Distancing is the new normal and industries are not spared either. All major industries around the globe had to re-structure to accommodate social distancing norms. Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs discusses the major changes that the highest revenue generating industries in India underwent.
DEBPROTIM ROY | May 26th, 2020
CXO Outlook | Guest Article
As the world undergoes a massive transformations in the Healthcare sector on account of ground-breaking technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (IoT), Debprotim Roy, CEO-Canvs elaborates the importance of Human Centered Design approach in the adoption of Design in enhancement of product offerings and services in the current digital landscape
DEBPROTIM ROY | May 27th, 2020
Business World | Opinion Piece
Whenever we are online, our primary concern is to protect the data that we exchange. However, the chances of our data getting exposed is highly likely in the cyber world. Hence, it is always logical and safe to follow some best practices for Internet Security. Rovin Cutinho, CPO-Canvs describes some simple yet vital measures on ensuring digital safety while we are online
ROVIN CUTINHO | May 2nd, 2020