Join Canvs Club as a Designer

Discover a new way to

Measure in real-world impact

Do more than just design and prototype products and ideas. Help ship them. Then iterate and improve upon them. For us, the work is only as good as the impact it makes on the user and on the business. When collaboration and expertise come together, we believe the most interesting things happen.

Work from home, or from wherever you want

We work with people basis their talent, not their schedules and how many hours you put in. We are a distributed team and collaborate in the cloud. As long as you respect the team and deliver great work, we don’t care how, where, or when you get it done.

Do great work

We can talk around it, but at the end of the day this is why we want to hire you. We come to work every day (not literally of course — not weekends or holidays or whatever, but you get the idea) to create something. Something good. With a little bit of luck – something great.

If any of those sound like something you’d want to be a part of, drop us a line here.

Join Canvs Club as a Designer

“Canvs allows independent designers to work towards what matters most, which is doing more work and better work. Canvs’ work model allows us designers to get experience in a variety of domains, work with other designers while covering fundamental challenges like regular and multiple channels of work, cost sensitivity and client management.”

-Arjun R. | Club Designer

Arjun has been working with Canvs Club on multiple fintech and health products. He specializes in UX and loves his Jordans.