Remote working is the new norm in the times of crisis

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has impacted pretty much every industry en masse. Real estate, for instance, has taken a radical hit due to reasons including the outbreak of COVID-19 and the prolonged economic slowdown. While developers have started to halt the launch of new projects, they are also adapting vital protocols, which is currently the need of the hour.

The developers, in large numbers, are resorting to digital launches to avoid open house meetings since the outbreak of COVID-19. Also, they are setting up an online site visit schedulers through these launches. However, the agents are finding it difficult to follow the new norms, which are unlike their traditional business practices. Handshakes are out, and video conferences are in. While obvious modes of communication such as phone, email and WhatsApp are critical to this remote mode of sales and servicing; video conferencing is generally becoming a go-to method for client sales presentations. A lot of agents meanwhile are working from their homes as well, instead of their sites. This rules out even the option of video conferencing for presentation purposes. In such cases, 3D presentations are super handy, which can be viewed remotely from mobile devices or laptops by the customers. VR headsets can also prove handy, but lack of setup outside of experience centres is a major impediment for users.

How to make the best of remote working?
Remote working has novelties that seem pleasant when you initially get started, but the challenges become more obvious when you need to do it sustainably.

Productive remote work is heavily dependent on the willingness to work, ability to manage tasks, organisational skills, proactive communication chops, and interpersonal skills. If you do not adhere to these factors, working remote can be tough. While the concept has worked impeccably for a large number of organisations, there are still a few firms that are struggling to avail its benefits. Here are some of the key steps that should be taken to achieve efficiency while working remotely during the outburst of Novel Coronavirus.

  • First and foremost, you need a system in place with set protocols for individuals
  • Make the most of technology
  • Easy and free-flowing modes of communication is a must, especially within your team. If you are an agent, you need to have an effective system in place to contact the developer or the buyer. You can do so by using messaging tools.
  • Other than communication, you need to collaborate effectively with the parties. If you are a team, you can do so by allocating individual responsibilities.
  • Mitigate challenges and provide execution support through proactive communication
  • Regular updates and work summary to monitor efficiency.

To sustain relationships at a distance, we consciously need to make efforts to talk more to each other. When we work remotely, we exactly do that. Communication is the viscera of remote relationships. In that, the frequency of communication is an important aspect.

Therefore, in order to succeed, organisations must make efforts to smoothen the communication process, automate repetitive stuff, accommodate with peers, and adapt to changing circumstances. With the trend of remote working gaining popularity, it is indeed going to change the way businesses operate in the near future.

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